DealCenter is proud to roll out 4 unique platforms, all completely designed in-house and based on our members’ feedback over the past 10 years. So without further adieu….

1. Instant DealCenter

The Instant DealCenter platform is ideal for event planners who have one event coming up in the next few months, and wants attendees/exhibitors to network effectively. With a few clicks, we can help you get your DealCenter platform launched quickly. This platform is easy to use and includes our basic, ready-to-network package, which includes the ability to message, save members as ‘favorites’, invite to one-on-one meetings while at the show, include others to same or similar meetings, and print out and sync calendars before the event.

2. Customized DealCenter

The Customized DealCenter is built to your specific requirements, such as specific survey questions to ask attendees or a subgroup, and/or invitations only sent by/to a specific subgroup. DealCenter is happy to demo some customized sites and create based on your needs.  Cost will be similar to the above, but additional customization fees will apply, based on necessary coding time.

Contact us so we can brainstorm and get started.  Depending on customization needs, we can build your platform usually within about 2 weeks.

3.  DealCenter Passport

Got more than just one event you are planning in the next 6-12 months ahead?  Wouldn’t it be great if you had a 24/7 DealCenter which constantly promotes to your community your upcoming events?  Check us out; contact us now.

Also Passport is for any attendee who doesn’t want to waste time filling out a DealCenter profile everytime he/she goes to an event that hosts a DealCenter.  Instead, login here and get access to your profile 24/7 and other Passport members who want to network.  We also track your history of booked meetings, including your meeting notes.  So it’s one easy-to-use place that keeps your prospecting and partnering easy and organized.  Register/login here!  It’s free and ready for you.

4.  DealCenter for Business

 Got a company or association like ours where your customers could and should network together 24/7?  Think about it: the more they do business together, the more you promote their business growth, the better the relationship building and ROI for all!  So let us roll out a DealCenter for Business platform for you.  For a small monthly hosting fee, DealCenter lets your customers network together, plan business meetings either online, on Skype or on a conference bridge.  We provide monthly metrics to keep the networking exciting long-term, including stats like how many people have joined since the last time you logged in and how many meetings were held recently.

Contact us for a quick estimate based on number of people using the system.  We can also show you a quick demo of a current DealCenter for Business.

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