In today’s economy, measurable ROI is critical.  We no longer have time to waste wondering lobbies at events, looking at badges and wasting precious show minutes finding out if the person you just met is a potential prospect or partner.  Today, attendees want to ‘do their homework’ before the event– which means event planners can showcase the relevancy of their events, the timeliness of their events, and therefore the ROI of their events.  DealCenter was created with one goal in mind: to ensure real event and business networking.  And watch out: we are creating events 24/7 by rolling out business-specific DealCenters too– for any company who wants to turn their partner or client base into real and energized marketplaces.

So whether at an event or online 24/7– here are the top benefits:

  • – A website customized for your event or company, featuring sponsor/participants logos
  • – Secure logins and secure contact details throughout the entire process
  • Profiles so you know your community, including headshots, service descriptions, social media links and more
  • – The entire system is automated- including assigning specific locations (yup, table numbers too) at specific times and easy-to-sync to today’s calendars
  • – The online system can be open weeks before the show, during the show and even after the show to extend the value of your registration dollars
  • – Real-time reminders and text messages can be included, if desired
  • – DealCenter is not only an awesome online service, it’s also backed by an awesome team– so yes, live support!
  • – The DealCenter team can manage a meeting area on-site at your event, if you wish, ensuring all meetings are actually held without a hitch
  • – For most of our DealCenter clients, sponsorships not only pay for the system, they become a revenue generator for the event/platform
  • – Sponsorship packages are already written and ready to send to you, for your review
  • – Backed by a great PR firm (Jaymie Scotto & Associates), we have marketing emails, newsletter blurbs, press releases, social media posts and more, ready to go

Contact us today for a Demo and see how DealCenter can increase your conference’s value.

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